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peak oil

Does GM Bankruptcy Mark Peak US Oil Demand?

Yesterday, as expected, General Motors entered a structured bankruptcy designed to create a smaller, more profitable car manufacturer.  The bankruptcy was orchestrated by the Obama administration's auto panel and was designed to "save" as many auto worker jobs as possible.  We are now witnessing the rapid restructuring of the American automobile industry in a world of reduced new auto sales.  The challenges for auto sales are both government regulations and credit availability - both of which remain is a state of chaos. =>Continue Reading

Future Oil Supply At Risk - Price Spike Risk Increased

A new study is scheduled to be released today by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) detailing why they believe the fall in oil prices will mean less future oil supply.  The outcome is a greater risk of an oil price spike sometime within the next five years.  Of course, the key to the timing of a crude oil price spike will be the pace of demand for oil, which is currently suffering through its second consecutive year of falling global oil consumption. =>Continue Reading

Marketmakers Energy Conference Presentation

Last Thursday I presented an outlook for the oilfield service industry at a conference in Houston.  Attached are the slides from the presentation.  I did not have a prepared text.

The presentation focused on how dramatically the oil market changed in the fall of 2008, which coincided with Hurricane Ike hitting the Gulf Coast while an economic and financial hurricane was hitting New York.  Those events changed the face of the financial industry and in turn the global energy business. =>Continue Reading

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