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climate change

Climate Gate Response Goes Beyond Reasonable

Recently the environmental group, Greenpeace, posted a blog from one of its senior members in India that went beyond the pale in arguing that the demise of the Copenhagen climate change conference requires that environmental activists now resort to civil disobedience.  In fact, the closing paragraphs of the blog even threatened climate change skeptics with a Mafia-type threat - we know who you are; we know where you live!  The outrage about this blog forced Greenpeace to remove it from its web site and issue a mea culpa.  The official retracting the blog issued an apolog

Energy and Environment Changes Are Coming - Prepare for Heat

Sunday's New York Times carried several columns discussing the impending need for dramatic action on carbon emissions before the damage from global warming overwhelms the world.  One column was by Thomas Friedman arguing that if one follows climate science you see that some of the world's best (I'm not sure who determines that status) scientists they are warning that climate change is happening faster and will bring bigger changes quicker thn we anticipated just a few years ago.  Could the fact that there is a meeting of climate change scientists and government policy makers in th

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