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global cooling

Obama Signals He Is No Friend Of Conventional Energy

Late last week the Treasury Department's chief economist, Alan Krueger testified that government incentives for oil and gas have led to overinvestment in these fossil fuels.  He said, "To the extent that current subsidies for the oil and gas industry encourage the overproduction of oil and natural gas, they divert resources from other, potentially more efficient investments, and they are inconsistent with the Obama administration's goals to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and build a new, clean energy economy." This is not good news for industry

Lowered Hurricane Forecast Tied To Global Cooling

As we had predicted in our article in the May 26th issue of Musings From The Oil Patch,  the hurricane forecasting team at Colorado State University reduced their April 7th forecast for the number of and intensiy of tropical storms and hurricanes this year.  The CSU team's June 2nd storm forecast calls for one less tropical storm (11) and hurricane (5) with an unchanged two hurricanes becoming intense storms of Category 3, 4 or 5.  In addition, the new forecast reduced the combined impact of storms and the number of days for each storm to an average of 90, down from

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